Friday, May 4, 2012

March through April 2012

The year started off with a bang and headed right into March for us this year. We started off our busy month by having Derrick come and visit and work for a few weeks. It was so fun to spend time with him and get to be around him as he prepared to serve his mission in Hong Kong. We felt lucky and blessed to have stolen him away for a small time to spend with our family here in Texas before he headed off on a great journey. We said goodbye to Derrick on Sunday afternoon and the next morning we were off to the next adventure. Erik and I agreed to help out the youth group in our church and attend Trek over spring break this year. We dropped off the kids at our friends house and dressed as pioneers headed to Lake Ray Roberts to be "Ma and Pa Templin" for the next three days. In three days we walked 23 miles in mud with amazing youth who know who they are and want to grow and be better. We learned about the things the pioneers went through and had a great reminder about the important things in life. Erik and I learned so much by attending Trek, we learned how to be better parents, how to lean on one another more and also the sacrifice the pioneers made for us as well!! It was a great experience. Our friend brought the kids up to greet us as we arrived in "home" after our three days, Avery and Karson had so many questions after they saw us in our clothes and also pulling the handcart. It was a tender teaching moment! And Avery let us know that we needed a shower as well ( i can always count on her to keep me in line). We got home around 5 PM and showered and got the kids off to bed and I headed to the airport at 10 PM to pick up my parents who were coming in town to help watch the kids. My Mom and Dad came and hung out with us for 2 weeks. During that time we shopped, laughed, my parents watched the kids for 5 days while Erik and I went on a work trip to Savannah, GA. It was so fun to have them here and the kids loved having Grandma and Grandpa around to dote on them!! We had so much fun having them around. Once we teary eyed got Grandma on the plane back home we got ready for Aunt Kathy and her sweet family to visit. We had a great weekend with the Meade Family. We drove around checking out Dallas and places that they used to visit. The cousins played and the girls made more earrings out of beads then I knew was possible. We played in the sprinklers, BBQ'd and of course attempted to listen to conference. The last few weeks have been busy with Avery playing softball and Karson playing baseball. I love watching them play and learn. I am the assistant coach on Avery's team and Karson plays with some friends from our ward. We love this time of year and are definitely enjoying the nice weather. We are bracing ourselves for a summer in the pool and are on the hunt for some good swim lessons. I am sure we will be pros by fall!!


The Christensens said...

Oh how we miss you guys and wish we could be a part of all your busy times!
Can't wait till we can come and visit!

Ash said...

Wow! What a busy spring! Sounds fun!