Friday, May 4, 2012

March through April 2012

The year started off with a bang and headed right into March for us this year. We started off our busy month by having Derrick come and visit and work for a few weeks. It was so fun to spend time with him and get to be around him as he prepared to serve his mission in Hong Kong. We felt lucky and blessed to have stolen him away for a small time to spend with our family here in Texas before he headed off on a great journey. We said goodbye to Derrick on Sunday afternoon and the next morning we were off to the next adventure. Erik and I agreed to help out the youth group in our church and attend Trek over spring break this year. We dropped off the kids at our friends house and dressed as pioneers headed to Lake Ray Roberts to be "Ma and Pa Templin" for the next three days. In three days we walked 23 miles in mud with amazing youth who know who they are and want to grow and be better. We learned about the things the pioneers went through and had a great reminder about the important things in life. Erik and I learned so much by attending Trek, we learned how to be better parents, how to lean on one another more and also the sacrifice the pioneers made for us as well!! It was a great experience. Our friend brought the kids up to greet us as we arrived in "home" after our three days, Avery and Karson had so many questions after they saw us in our clothes and also pulling the handcart. It was a tender teaching moment! And Avery let us know that we needed a shower as well ( i can always count on her to keep me in line). We got home around 5 PM and showered and got the kids off to bed and I headed to the airport at 10 PM to pick up my parents who were coming in town to help watch the kids. My Mom and Dad came and hung out with us for 2 weeks. During that time we shopped, laughed, my parents watched the kids for 5 days while Erik and I went on a work trip to Savannah, GA. It was so fun to have them here and the kids loved having Grandma and Grandpa around to dote on them!! We had so much fun having them around. Once we teary eyed got Grandma on the plane back home we got ready for Aunt Kathy and her sweet family to visit. We had a great weekend with the Meade Family. We drove around checking out Dallas and places that they used to visit. The cousins played and the girls made more earrings out of beads then I knew was possible. We played in the sprinklers, BBQ'd and of course attempted to listen to conference. The last few weeks have been busy with Avery playing softball and Karson playing baseball. I love watching them play and learn. I am the assistant coach on Avery's team and Karson plays with some friends from our ward. We love this time of year and are definitely enjoying the nice weather. We are bracing ourselves for a summer in the pool and are on the hunt for some good swim lessons. I am sure we will be pros by fall!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Still Alive!

I am thinking about starting up the good ole blog again now that we live away from family. That is if anyone still reads it. We moved to Texas around mid-August and have loved the nice weather and the kids new school. Moving has had it's challenges but we are starting to settle into our new home and community and are looking forward to some "peace and quiet". A day where we don't have to fight someone to come and fix something they broke (either in the move or the builder).

Avery is looking forward to her upcoming Birthday and being baptized. She is playing on a fast pitch softball team and it is so FUN to watch her learn and play.

Karson is 6 and just about to lose his front tooth on the top. He loves his new school and is looking forward to playing on a basketball team in the winter. He loves to play in his new backyard and look for snakes, lizards and bugs!

Addie is almost three and full of life. She loves to have things her way! She is counting down until Halloween and each day we go over what everyone is going to be. Typical conversation held 3 or 4 times a day.
Addie says "What's Addie going to be for Halloween?"
ME: "I don't know what is she going to be?"
Addie "I going to be a-punzel"
ME "Rapunzel, How cute!"
Addie, "What is Daddy going to be for Halloween?"
ME- "What?"
Addie, "He going to be Flynn Ryder" (we are still working on that one! :))

That is a quick update and I will add more next time. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Time

Hiking @ Red Rocks.

Well we are only 4 months into the school year and I am getting ready to post about it, but the guilt set in and I can't only do a school post so I will lengthen it out to Fall as well. It has been VERY warm here in Colorado this fall and I am loving it!! The kids have enjoyed being able to wear shorts and skirts to school every day and not even worrying about the weather. So nice!

Avery started First Grade this year and really enjoys her new school. She doesn't love the uniforms (but I do!!). She does love Music and Art. Those are her favorites. She has also started taking Tap and Ballet this fall and promises to finish out the year and do the recital. I can't wait to see her learn and grow. We love Avery so much. She is a great helper and loves to watch out for Addie. She is really doing well in school and can't wait to lose her next tooth!

Karson started Kindergarten this year and is in HEAVEN! He loves going everyday. He always has a smile on and loves PE especially. He and Avery love to sing their Spanish songs together too. Karson is a great student and always listens and raises his hand. He even does it at home now when we ask him a question. I love watching him grow up and learn so much! His smile melts my heart. He is also starting Basketball next weekend and we can't wait to see how he does! It will be so fun to go and cheer him on.

Addie is .....cute, smart, witty, loud, a crack up! She is so cute and fun. We are wrapping up one of my favorite stages where you ask her a question and the only answer she says is no. "Addie, do you want a cookie? NO!". I love it! She will fold her arms for prayer time and attempt to repeat the words you say. She loves to yell AMEN at the end. She also likes to sit up with the big kids while they do their homework and try to color on their pages. Addie is thinking about climbing out of her crib but the first time she did it, she was stuck on the rails for a bit and was a bit terrified. So we haven't had a repeat incident yet.....

We headed up to Vail a few weekends ago to see the leaves and stay at Erik's Client's Resort. The leaves were changing the weather was beautiful and we had a blast. It was a nice break from the stresses we have had here recently!! All is well that ends well though! :) Enjoy the pics.

Erik and I 5th Row at the Broncos Preseason Game!

We sat FRONT ROW at the Rockies Game. One of the Best Dates EVER. Definitely LOVED Erik's Job perks that night!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Everything is bigger in Texas!

We headed out on a 14 hour road trip to Dallas, Texas just before the 4th of July. The drive was more than long! The kids did great and Addie made it without any screaming fits. We doubted if we would make it at times and at one point I decided I was flying home but we made it there just before 11:00 at night. And after that things were fabulous! We had such a great time on vacation that after a week we were not ready to head home. We stayed with our friends the Wagstaff's and had so much fun hanging out, laughing, letting the kids play and enjoying the warm weather.

One of my favorite parts was the big green trees, the lakes and the beautiful scenery! I also loved seeing where Erik grew up. We took the kids down to Erik's hometown and showed them where Erik worked when he was in high school (Sherwin Williams), where he went to high school and his childhood home. It was so neat for all of us to see! We did so much and had a great time with our friends. I will let the pictures do the talking and leave you with the top 10 fave moments.

1. Frisco Roughriders AA Baseball Game- so much fun for the kids not a bad seat in the place!
2. Beach Club- A pool with sand around it, the kids were in heaven
3. McKinney Downtown- Very quaint with little shops, great food and even a horse!
4. Fireworks-So much room for the kids to run around, perfect weather. No jacket needed.....so nice
5. Kids having some great playmates.
6. The yummy yogurt places were every where. Erik's fave was the grapefruit (not sure about that one for me though!)
7. Rock Band and talking with old friends
8. Visiting where Erik grew up and playing at the park he did when he was small!
9. Steakburger Place with the best custard I have ever had! So yummy!
10.A week with our little family. It was such a blast spending time together and hanging out, we didn't want to come home!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Guy

Happy Father's Day Erik! You are a great dad for so many reasons. The kids adore your bedtime stories, nobody can tell them like Dad can. They love it when Dad comes home to play games. Addie would have never learned to growl if she hadn't been chased around the ottoman by you. The kids wouldn't be able to ride their bikes or giggle as much with out you. We all learn from your example, in the good choices you make, how hard you work for our family and the love that you show us! We love you and are so grateful to have you as "our guy"!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Basketball Night

We were lucky enough to spend some time on the Nugget's floor one evening. The kids got to shoot around, Erik dreamed of being in the NBA and made a few 3 pointers. And Addie, she just did whatever she wanted to. She walked on the floor, up the stairs, under the basket (especially with all the balls going in) and she loved the mascot. We had some snacks, well kind of (we missed most of them). The kids got an autograph from Rocky the Nugget's mascot and were able to watch him make his half court shot, while facing backwards! It was a fun night! And yes, I was there too. Chasing the kids

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Addie Turned ONE......better late than never!

Addie turned one on December 29th! I have plenty of excuses for not blogging for them but I will leave those alone and move forward.

We love Addie! She is so silly and cute and independent. She loves to do what she wants to do. She loves milk, mac and cheese, fruit and pretty much anything Grandma is eating. Or if it is colorful she will try it (even peppers). Addie started walking around 11 months and has quickly mastered going up and down the stairs. She loves to greet people by saying "Hi!" and loves to lean in to make sure you hear her. She can say Dog, Mama, Dada and Hi. She loves to get into things and walk anywhere on her own. She is definitely not a follower! We celebrated her Birthday with her cousin Ryan who turned one just 4 days after her.


Love you Addie!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Avery's 6th Birthday

Avery turned 6 on December 3rd. She is such a joy to have around our house. The poor girl has been battling strep since November and had her tonsils taken out on Tuesday. She is recovering well and is such a trooper! Luckily with all her sickness we were still able to celebrate her Birthday with a Fancy Nancy Party. She had such a great time and it was so fun to see her with all of her new school friends. Avery also got her ears pierced on her Birthday, she has been wanting them pierced for a long time. She loves wearing her earings and can't wait to be able to put some different ones in!!

Six Things We Love about Avery

1. Avery is the best helper! She loves to organize and help out anyway she can. She is always trying to help out around the house

2. Avery LOVES to wear lipgloss and dress up. She even reminds me to put my lip gloss on!

3. Avery has the best memory. If every I think I might forget to do something I always ask Avery to remember and she always does. I love her memory.

4. She is a great friend. Always thinking about how others are feeling and wanting to make them happy.

5. I love her determination. If she wants to learn something she will no matter what it takes!

6. I love to cuddle with her. I wish she would never out grow my lap! She loves to sit with you and snuggle right in.

Happy Birthday Avery!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I should be posting about Avery's 6th Birthday, Christmas or even Addie's first Birthday or the beautiful wedding we attended over the weekend. But today I am just trying to stay afloat. Avery is scheduled to have her tonsils out on the 19th, i am nervous. Nervous about the surgery, the recovery and the pain to come. So, someday I will post about all the wonderful kids and the fun things we have done but today I am just trying to be something! Hopefully more pictures and things will come soon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Hallo.........

Halloween this year was bittersweet! The kids look forward to dressing up all year long and talk about what they are going to be from about January on. This year Karson had settled on being someone from Star Wars and Avery wanted to be the cutest black cat that we had found at Pottery Barn Kids and my sister had made an outfit just like it for her to wear. It was perfect! Addie was a bumblebee and the cutest one around! Unfortunately a few things got in a way of our Halloween fun this year. The first one being snow! In Colorado we had over 2 feet of snow this week which cancelled school for three days. So the kids missed out on their school parties, the school trunk or treat and Avery missed her dress up time for dance class. But there was still hope for Halloween night. Until......Avery came down with a fever, cough and a sore throat through all of this. We were hoping that it would be better by Saturday for Halloween Night but no such luck! So Karson went out with the neighbor girls and took a bag for Avery. Erik, Avery, Addie and I stayed home sick with who knows what probably the flu, H1N1 that is, and we hope for a better year next year. Here's to a better Thanksgiving and Christmas! We did make it to our ward Trunk or Treat though!! Enjoy the pics!